Othman Yeop Abdullah Graduate School of Business

Professor Dr Rosylin Mohd Yusof


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Office #: UUMKL


Qualification: MA (International Islamic University, Malaysia); PhD (International Islamic University, Malaysia)

Teaching Interest: Financial Economics; Islamic Banking and Finance

Research Interest: Islamic Banking and Finance; Monetary and Financial Economics; Applied Econometrics; House Price Index; Financing Affordability

Research Profiles:

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Biography: Rosylin Mohd Yusof is Professor of Islamic Finance and Director of Shariah Governance and Islamic Finance (ISGaIF), College of Business, Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM). She is also an exco member of International Council of Islamic Finance Educators (ICIFE) at the Ministry of Education, Malaysia. She is chief editor of the International Journal of Islamic Business and editorial member of a UK-based Journal of Islamic Accounting and Business Research. Rosylin has received research grants from numerous bodies including the Islamic Development Bank Jeddah (IDB) and the Ministry of Education Malaysia (MOE), etc. She has successfully supervised PhD students and more than six master’s students and is currently supervising 11 PhD candidates. To date, she has completed more than 13 research projects and published more than 30 articles in both locally and internationally indexed journals. She was one of the project directors involved in the preparation of the Malaysia Islamic Finance Education Report 2015/16. She has received various awards for excellence in both teaching and research.

Selected Publications:

  • Aliyu, S., & Mohd Yusof, R. (2017). A panel survival analysis for Islamic banks. International Journal of Economics, Management and Accounting, 25(2), 381-410.
  • Aliyu, S., Hassan, M.K., Mohd Yusof, R., & Naiimi, N. (2017). Islamic banking sustainability: A review of literature and directions for future research. Emerging Market Finance and Trade, 53, 1– 31.
  • Aliyu, S., Mohd Yusof, R., & Naiimi, N. (2017). The role of moral transaction mode for sustainability of banking business: A proposed conceptual model for Islamic microfinance banks in Nigeria. International Journal of Social Economics, 44(12), 2238-2256.
  • Mohd Yusof, R., Abd Wahab, N., & Hamzah, H. (2017). Does home financing promote affordability of home ownership in Malaysia? An empirical analysis between islamic and conventional banks. International Journal of Economics, Management and Accounting, 25(3), 601-627.
  • Mohd Yusof, R., Usman, F. H., Mahfudz, A. A., & Arif, A. S. (2017). Macroeconomic shocks, fragility and home financing in Malaysia: can rental index be the answer? Journal of Islamic Accounting and Business Research. doi.org/10.1108/JIABR-11-2015-0058

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