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Dr Herman Shah Anuar


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Phone: +604-928 7107

Office #: OYAGSB 1.40

Qualification: MA in Communication Management (University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA); MBA (Universiti Utara Malaysia); PhD in Technology Management (Universiti Utara Malaysia)

Teaching Interest: Value Management; Project Management

Research Interest: Intellectual property rights, R&D Management, Value Management, Supply Chain Management

Research Profiles:

Google Scholar: http://scholar.google.com/citations?user=SyQNEkIAAAAJ&hl=en

ResearchGate: http://www.researchgate.net/profile/Herman_Anuar

UUM Experts: http://experts.uum.edu.my/Researcher_Info.aspx?nopkj=3379

Biography: Herman Shah Anuar is Senior Lecturer of Value Management and currently Director of Career Advisory Services. Before joining OYAGSB, he was attached to the School of Technology Management and Logistics and served as Coordinator of the Operations Management Programme. He used to teach at the Teachers’ Training Institute in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur before joining Universiti Utara Malaysia. He has more than eight years of experience in the academic world.  He also has had experience teaching at the Department of Communication, College of Arts and Sciences, the University of Alabama at Birmingham, United States of America. He has participated in national and international conferences.

Selected Publications:

  • Adzis, A. A., Anuar, H. S., & Hishamuddin, N. S. M. (2015). Malaysian commercial banks: Do income smoothing, capital management: Signaling and pro-cyclicality exist through loan loss provisions? International Journal of Economics Finance and Management, 4(2).
  • Nasir, N., Mohd Nawi, M. N., Zulhumadi, F., Anuar, H. S., & Radzuan, K. (2016). Value management: A systematic approach for improving time performance in construction projects. International Journal of Supply Chain Management, 5(4), 195-200.
  • Nawi, M. N. M., Azimi, M. A., Pozin, M. A. A., Osman, W. N., & Anuar, H. S. (2016). Project management consultancy (PMC) procurement approach: Supplier’s evaluation and selection dilemma, AIP Conference Proceedings, 1761(1), 020072.
  • Asri, M. A. N. M., Nawi, M. N. M., Saad, R., Osman, W. N., & Anuar, H. S. (2016). Exploring lean construction component for Malaysian industrialized building system logistics management—A literature Review, Advanced Science Letters, 22(5-6), 1593-1596.
  • Anuar, H. S., Radzuan, K., & Hassan, M. G. (2015). Government transformation programme (GTP): Effects of 4S approach in Malaysia government departments, Journal of Business Management and Accounting, 5, 1-12.

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