Brand Pride… What we know, and we need to learn? Study of Cosmetic Industry of Pakistan


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Brand Pride… What we know, and we need to learn? Study of Cosmetic Industry of Pakistan

Pride is an intrinsic sensation. In the effort to connect customers and employees to the corporation, pride seems like to play a stimulating role, frequently ensuing in robust associations. Regardless of the strong intrinsic sensation pride forms, it has not yet reached marketing and behavioral research. Brand pride is defined as a sign of showing a particular private connection with the brand depicting consumer’s compatibility and consistency with the brand. According to previous studies, the replication in buying behavioral patterns, a buyer expresses loyalty not only for himself in engaging with the brand, yet dispersing constructive eWOM physically and virtually, which lessens risk and augments brand image. Likewise, brands proud consumers will not only endorse the product and services provided by the brand towards positive repurchase intention, but they would more likely advocate against the competitive attacks.

However, in a few cultures, to display pride is not acceptable. The reason is that it is contradictory in presenting the meaning of pride. Sometimes it is associated with happiness and, at times as arrogance. Similarly, a socially expressive individual is able to control expressions, whereas the others would not have parallel assessment and appraisal of a said outcome. Though, based on the cultural and social norms different issue creates a platform, where advanced research will be provided to develop an understanding of the quality of services, emotions, personality, and pride, impacts consumers in making selections, actions, and owes the brand. To have a glance at how cultural and social norms impact the cosmetic industry of Pakistan? Here are the few ways it has impacted so far:

  • Pakistani women are looking for remedies with organic ingredients since they have matured up with how aromatic plants lift beauty at home. The current users want a precise benefit, for instance, fairness, but through herbal and halal elements.
  • In Pakistan, the penetration of most formats within the beauty and delicacy class is still relatively low, and hence there is adequate room for all categories of national and global brands to shape out a role across demographics and cultural schemes.
  • There is less awareness of cosmetic products in Males. This industry is more prone to creating advertisements for promoting females.
  • The findings of this research could be beneficial for marketers and service providers.

Managerial Implications 

The findings of this research could be beneficial for marketers and service providers in three essential ways:

  • Firstly, for marketeers, improvement in the perception of Brand Pride will support differentiate among the emotional constructs such as love, pride, and passion towards strengthening Consumer-Brand Relationships. These relationships lead to the long term profitability of the firm. This can be done by employing positive emotions in their advertising and WOM strategies and to decrease negative emotions. It helps the brands in excavating their relations in social associations that is by inserting in rituals or collective consumption such as gift-giving.
  • Secondly, Pride results in two forms Negative pride termed as Hubristic pride and positive pride termed as Authentic pride. The results of previous studies indicate that customer prerogative is the fundamental cause of why hubristic pride can increase NWOM. Studies also suggest that social dominance in luxury advertising can also result in negative consumer responses.Henceforth, the dealers and facility providers need to create effective advertising programs to minimize such entitlement to reduce the over-demanding feel. Because such tactics may also have undesirable effects on spectators. Therefore, the findings indicate that a precise promotion such as a donation-promotions or a corporate social responsibility can reduce consumer entitlement. 
  • Lastly, this research suggests that not only emotional states but also personality traits (i.e., dispositional emotions) related to hubristic pride can affect NWOM. Conventionally, it has been tough to detect and section personality traits to bull's eye. Nevertheless, current research has specified computer-based analytical studies such as data mining techniques can classify personality (high hubristic pride) traits on the language used in social media(Facebook).

These conclusions deliver a noteworthy prospect for marketing managers desiring to alteration behaviors on the road to being justifiable. Experts are searching for unique customs to stimulate sustainable behaviors, but have unnoticed the probable of repeating customers about their previous adoptions. This study has revealed a method to manipulate the emotional state of evoked pride and guilt that can be easily realized in publicizing, basically by asking customers to ponder of a previous instance whereby they did or did not behave sustainably. For instance, marketing research makes use of the online channels to recall past incidents, online recorded messages, and chats are also a part of a process to understand consumer needs.