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EEU Training 2016


Dear Sir/Madam


According to the University Rules and Regulations for Postgraduate Studies, candidates must register and pay the current fees within the first two (2) weeks of the commencement of the semester.

New semester and course registration can be done online via UUM portal. Students who fail to settle any outstanding amount due will not be able to access the registration system. Thus, candidates are advised to make the payment at least seven (7) days before the registration date. Registration system and student’s accounts can be accessed from http://umis.uum.edu.my.

Students are advised to strictly follow the dates below for registration purposes:

2nd September to 20th September 2015 : Registration for new semester (Activate student’s status)
2nd September to 20th September 2015 : Registration of courses (add and drop period)
6th October 2015 : Last day for students to settle payment of fees for the current Semester.

Please be advised that the amount of tuition fees charged for this semester is subject to the number of courses registered and other recurring fees due.

University reserves the right to automatically deactivate student’s status and to drop all registered courses if the full amount of fees charged is not settled by 6th October 2015. Students are strictly advised to apply for deferment of study if they could not settle the fees within the stipulated period. Students who are not active after two (2) weeks of the commencement of the semester will have their studies terminated.

Latest information about the registration, academic calendar and schedule of classes are obtainable from the website http://www.oyagsb.uum.edu.my

Please ignore this letter if you have completed the programme of study and have fulfilled all the requirements for graduation.

Thank you.

Abdulsalam Al Khulaifi   DBA(D1) Yemen 900849
Fatimah Bunyarit   DBA(D1) Thailand 901190
HASMA BINTI HAJI HARUN   DBA(D1) Malaysia 900979
Miss Jatuporn Hokta   DBA(D1) Thailand 900850
Mohammed Ibrahim Suleiman Al Zubi   DBA(D1) Jordan 900963
Mohd Azam Bin Din   DBA(D1) Malaysia 900978
Moses Senesie   DBA(D1) Sierra Leone 900964
Sharifah Nur Ainn Binti Syed Roslan   DBA(D1) Malaysia 901052
Shazmira Shahuddin   DBA(D1) Malaysia 901327
Waleed Abdullah Mohammed Ali   DBA(D1) Yemen 901012
YahyaZakareyya Hasan Abdulla Allshehhi   DBA(D1) Unit. Arab Emirate 900919
MOHD FADZIL BIN HARUN   D. Mgmt. (COB)(D7) Malaysia 900970
AZMI BIN ABDUL LATIP   MBA - general(M100) Malaysia 820192
Abdul Qadir Siddiq bin Ahmad   MBA - general(M100) Malaysia 819986
Ahmad Fuad Bin Ishak   MBA - general(M100) Malaysia 819344
Al Mutari Fahad Majed .H   MBA - general(M100) Saudi Arabia 819600
Aphia Nali   MBA - general(M100) Australia 819534
Aziemah Ahmad   MBA - general(M100) Malaysia 820016
Chong Hui Wen   MBA - general(M100) Malaysia 819907
Choong Keat Yin   MBA - general(M100) Malaysia 819913
DANNIE WONG CHYE YIN   MBA - general(M100) Malaysia 820345
Ehsan Khodayari   MBA - general(M100) Iran 820193
Esther Sunday Nyam Ali   MBA - general(M100) Nigeria 819990
FATEMEH MOTEASSEB DAYANI   MBA - general(M100) Iran 819601
HAJARA ABDULKADIR SALEH   MBA - general(M100) Nigeria 820019
HAMZA YOUSOUT MAHAMAT   MBA - general(M100) Chad 819988
Hasnul Khairi B Abdullah   MBA - general(M100) Malaysia 819912
K.THINAHARAN KOMARAWELO   MBA - general(M100) Malaysia 820358
LIARA AZIZ   MBA - general(M100) Malaysia 819981
Leow Sha Ly   MBA - general(M100) Malaysia 819982
MAZNAH BINTI MUSA   MBA - general(M100) Malaysia 819992
MOHANA MURNI SHANMUGAM   MBA - general(M100) Malaysia 819971
Marwan Bashir   MBA - general(M100) Libya 819985
Mohammad Abdel Karim Saleh Khasawneh   MBA - general(M100) Jordan 820336
Mohd Hairinizam Abdul Karim   MBA - general(M100) Malaysia 820038
Mohd Hamidi Bin Md Zin   MBA - general(M100) Malaysia 820364
Muhammad Ammar Bin Abdul Latiff   MBA - general(M100) Malaysia 819991
Muhammad Azfar Bin Azahar   MBA - general(M100) Malaysia 819910
NINA FOULADYNEZHAD   MBA - general(M100) Iran 819588
NOOR ASNIDA BINTI AMRI   MBA - general(M100) Malaysia 819970
NOR FATIN BINTI MOHD HUSSAIN   MBA - general(M100) Malaysia 819993
NUR SHAFISSA BINTI SHABUDIN   MBA - general(M100) Malaysia 819968
NUR SHAZWANI BT SHARIFFUDIN   MBA - general(M100) Malaysia 819909
NURADILAH BINTI ABAS   MBA - general(M100) Malaysia 819967
NURHIKMAH BINTI ABD RAHMAN   MBA - general(M100) Malaysia 819965
NURUL HUDDAH BT ZAKARIA   MBA - general(M100) Malaysia 820020
Nor Adill Bin Bahatim   MBA - general(M100) Malaysia 819536
Nor Shamila Binti Abdul Karim   MBA - general(M100) Malaysia 819966
Nur Izzati Binti Shahidan @ Shadian   MBA - general(M100) Malaysia 819996
Nurfadzilah Binti Ghazali   MBA - general(M100) Malaysia 820021
ROZANA BINTI RAMLI   MBA - general(M100) Malaysia 819906
Salwani Sabaruddin   MBA - general(M100) Malaysia 819995
Saravanan a/l Vadivelu   MBA - general(M100) Malaysia 819969
Shariffa Isnanie Mohd Idris   MBA - general(M100) Malaysia 819983
Sharul Nisham Bin Shahimi   MBA - general(M100) Malaysia 820365
Tibah Mohammed Karamah Al-Haddad   MBA - general(M100) Yemen 819537
UMMY SHUKRIAH BINTI ROHMAD   MBA - general(M100) Malaysia 820191
WAN NOOR ASHIKIN BT WAN AZIZAN   MBA - general(M100) Malaysia 819994
Yaser Mohammed Ahmed Maadan   MBA - general(M100) Yemen 820017
Siti Nor Farahjawahir Fadzil   MSc. (OSHM) - Research(M10C) Malaysia 819767
ABIODUN TOPE SAMSON   MSc. (Mgmt) - Research(M14) Nigeria 820118
Abdullahi Hassan Gorondutse   MSc. (Mgmt) - Research(M14) Nigeria 819724
Joseph Adebara Adebayo   MSc. (Mgmt) - Research(M14) Nigeria 819759
KHALED RAGI MAHFOUDH BASURAIDAH   MSc. (Mgmt) - Research(M14) Saudi Arabia 820121
Labiba Tarannum   MSc. (Mgmt) - Research(M14) Bangladesh 819956
OSAGIE KINGSLEY OSAZEE   MSc. (Mgmt) - Research(M14) Nigeria 819937
Ogoh Grace Anu   MSc. (Mgmt) - Research(M14) Nigeria 820165
Rukia Magsi   MSc. (Mgmt) - Research(M14) Pakistan 819549
SADOH OZIMEDE FLORDEN   MSc. (Mgmt) - Research(M14) Nigeria 819770
Teoh Jun Rui   MSc. (Mgmt) - Research(M14) Malaysia 820115
Wan Nur Athirah bt Wan Ali   MSc. (Mgmt) - Research(M14) Malaysia 820097
AAINAA ZAWANI BINTI AZEMI   MHRM - coursework(M17A) Malaysia 820331
AMIR AMRI BIN AHMAT   MHRM - coursework(M17A) Malaysia 820216
Audu Yakubu   MHRM - coursework(M17A) Nigeria 819756
Ayu Nurfarhana binti Azimi   MHRM - coursework(M17A) Malaysia 819975
FADILA DIANA BINTI ZOLKAFLI   MHRM - coursework(M17A) Malaysia 819953
Farah Syazwin binti Mohd Sabri   MHRM - coursework(M17A) Malaysia 820147
HEMALLATHA A/P SASEE   MHRM - coursework(M17A) Malaysia 820077
HUSSEIN ISSE HASSAN ABDIRAHMAN   MHRM - coursework(M17A) Somalia 820213
ILIYASU-SIYANBADE NAJEEMDEEN   MHRM - coursework(M17A) Nigeria 820351
Khairul Anwar Bin Malik   MHRM - coursework(M17A) Malaysia 820335
MOHAMMAD ZIARUL ISLAM   MHRM - coursework(M17A) Bangladesh 819765
MOHAMUD ABDIRAZAK MOHAMED   MHRM - coursework(M17A) Somalia 819931
NOOR ASHIKIN BINTI ABDUL RANI   MHRM - coursework(M17A) Malaysia 820123
NOOR AZURA BINTI MD DIN   MHRM - coursework(M17A) Malaysia 819766
NOOR FARAH ZAITI BINTI MOHD ZAIDON   MHRM - coursework(M17A) Malaysia 819263
NOR AIN BINTI OMAR   MHRM - coursework(M17A) Malaysia 820136
NOR HAKIMAH BINTI YUSOFF   MHRM - coursework(M17A) Malaysia 820199
NOR INTAN SHAFINA BINTI ISMAIL   MHRM - coursework(M17A) Malaysia 820339
NUR 'AFIFAH BINTI ARIS   MHRM - coursework(M17A) Malaysia 820079
NUR HAZIRAH BINTI MD YUSOF   MHRM - coursework(M17A) Malaysia 820124
Naemah Jamil   MHRM - coursework(M17A) Malaysia 820114
Noreha Binti Bedu   MHRM - coursework(M17A) Malaysia 820137
Nur Atiqah Binti Shahbuddin   MHRM - coursework(M17A) Malaysia 820080
Nur Farihah Fadzil   MHRM - coursework(M17A) Malaysia 819768
Nur Hasmira binti Hassan   MHRM - coursework(M17A) Malaysia 820241
Nur Syafiqah Binti Abdul Kahar   MHRM - coursework(M17A) Malaysia 820081
Nurul Farhana Binti Omar   MHRM - coursework(M17A) Malaysia 819762
Olawole Olanre Fawehinmi   MHRM - coursework(M17A) Nigeria 819581
RAVINDRAN A/L MUNIANDY   MHRM - coursework(M17A) Malaysia 819753
Rasman Bin Usman   MHRM - coursework(M17A) Malaysia 820128
Rosilawati bt Jusoh   MHRM - coursework(M17A) Malaysia 819354
SHARIFAH NUR ALIA BINTI SYED MANSOR   MHRM - coursework(M17A) Malaysia 820083
YOUSEF MOHAMMAD YOUSEF TAHAT   MHRM - coursework(M17A) Jordan 819751
YUSNIATI BINTI ISHAK   MHRM - coursework(M17A) Malaysia 819760
Ainie Binti Azalli   MSc. (Finance) - coursework(M18A) Malaysia 819238
HAZIRATUL QUDSIAH BINTI ZAHARUDIN   MSc. (Finance) - coursework(M18A) Malaysia 820313
Isa Usman   MSc. (Finance) - coursework(M18A) Nigeria 819584
LAWAN GARBA JAJI   MSc. (Finance) - coursework(M18A) Nigeria 819722
MA JIAYU   MSc. (Finance) - coursework(M18A) China 819585
MAIZATUL MAZNI BINTI ZAINUN @ ZAINOL   MSc. (Finance) - coursework(M18A) Malaysia 819586
MOHADI ABDELKARIM   MSc. (Finance) - coursework(M18A) Algeria 819979
MR EVAN SAPUTRA   MSc. (Finance) - coursework(M18A) Indonesia 819599
Ma Jun   MSc. (Finance) - coursework(M18A) China 819550
Muhammad Muslim bin Samsudin   MSc. (Finance) - coursework(M18A) Malaysia 820039
Nor Faizah Ahmad @ Mohammed Razikin   MSc. (Finance) - coursework(M18A) Malaysia 819542
Norazila Bt Ismail   MSc. (Finance) - coursework(M18A) Malaysia 820057
Nurul Najwa binti Roslee   MSc. (Finance) - coursework(M18A) Malaysia 819821
Obada Odeh Abedalaziz Almahadin   MSc. (Finance) - coursework(M18A) Jordan 819976
Rian Saleh Ahmed   MSc. (Finance) - coursework(M18A) Iraq 820218
SIKIRU ISIAKA OLAWALE   MSc. (Finance) - coursework(M18A) Nigeria 820074
SITI MUNIRAH BINTI BAHARUDDIN   MSc. (Finance) - coursework(M18A) Malaysia 820219
SITI ZULAIKHA BINTI ALZAHARI   MSc. (Finance) - coursework(M18A) Malaysia 819973
Sanna binti Taking   MSc. (Finance) - coursework(M18A) Malaysia 820220
Wang Chen   MSc. (Finance) - coursework(M18A) China 820086
Zakarie Ahmednor Ali   MSc. (Finance) - coursework(M18A) Somalia 819551
ahmad sufian bin abdullah   MSc. (Finance) - coursework(M18A) Malaysia 820221
ABUBAKAR SULEIMAN   MSc. (Management) - coursework(M19A) Nigeria 819758
AHMAD RAFIQ BIN MUDA   MSc. (Management) - coursework(M19A) Malaysia 820344
ALI IBRAHIM AMAISH   MSc. (Management) - coursework(M19A) Libya 819750
AZRUL BIN ABDULLAH   MSc. (Management) - coursework(M19A) Malaysia 820076
Abdulhadi Aminu   MSc. (Management) - coursework(M19A) Nigeria 819822
Ahmad Amir Husni b Othman Azumi   MSc. (Management) - coursework(M19A) Malaysia 820362
Amiruddin Bin Saad   MSc. (Management) - coursework(M19A) Malaysia 820350
Ardio Sagita   MSc. (Management) - coursework(M19A) Indonesia 820119
Atikah binti Zainal Ariffin   MSc. (Management) - coursework(M19A) Malaysia 820116
Dinithambigai A/P Nadahrajan   MSc. (Management) - coursework(M19A) Malaysia 820120
FADLI BIN OTHMAN   MSc. (Management) - coursework(M19A) Malaysia 820346
Godfrey Tumsiime Zephania   MSc. (Management) - coursework(M19A) Tanzania 820214
Goh Chee Eong   MSc. (Management) - coursework(M19A) Malaysia 820113
Ismaiskandar Bin Ismail   MSc. (Management) - coursework(M19A) Malaysia 819974
Jibrin Fatima Isah   MSc. (Management) - coursework(M19A) Nigeria 820149
Julianah Binti Jumahat   MSc. (Management) - coursework(M19A) Malaysia 819239
KOH SHU HOW   MSc. (Management) - coursework(M19A) Malaysia 820167
Khairulhisham Bin Shamsuddin   MSc. (Management) - coursework(M19A) Malaysia 820352
Khairull Anuar bin Ismail   MSc. (Management) - coursework(M19A) Malaysia 820040
Khaled Ali Ahmed Al-Fakih   MSc. (Management) - coursework(M19A) Yemen 820257
LEE SHING YEE   MSc. (Management) - coursework(M19A) Malaysia 820078
MOHAMAD HAFIZ ZAKARIA   MSc. (Management) - coursework(M19A) Malaysia 820169
MOKADEM MOHAMED AMINE   MSc. (Management) - coursework(M19A) Algeria 819980
MUHAMMAD TAQIUDDIN BIN AZIZAN   MSc. (Management) - coursework(M19A) Malaysia 820145
Mohd Amsyar bin Bashah   MSc. (Management) - coursework(M19A) Malaysia 820314
Mohd Faizal Bin Mohd Rofi   MSc. (Management) - coursework(M19A) Malaysia 820354
Moumen Alaeddine   MSc. (Management) - coursework(M19A) Algeria 820259
Muhammad Suffian   MSc. (Management) - coursework(M19A) Malaysia 820168
Munera   MSc. (Management) - coursework(M19A) Qatar 820122
NABIHAN NAJAT BINTI MOHD NOH   MSc. (Management) - coursework(M19A) Malaysia 819262
NOOR HASANIYATI BINTI MOHD REJAB   MSc. (Management) - coursework(M19A) Malaysia 820143
NOR AINI BINTI HAMZAH   MSc. (Management) - coursework(M19A) Malaysia 820148
NUR IMANI BINTI MOHD SHUKERI   MSc. (Management) - coursework(M19A) Malaysia 819977
NURULHUDA BINTI IZHAR   MSc. (Management) - coursework(M19A) Malaysia 820144
Najihah binti Wahab   MSc. (Management) - coursework(M19A) Malaysia 820170
Nasiru Saidu   MSc. (Management) - coursework(M19A) Nigeria 819771
Nazmeen Binti Shaik Daud   MSc. (Management) - coursework(M19A) Malaysia 820139
Nur 'Arifah Mohd Rashid   MSc. (Management) - coursework(M19A) Malaysia 819752
Nur Adibah bt Tajudin   MSc. (Management) - coursework(M19A) Malaysia 820146
Nur Fatin Nazierah Binti Abu Bakar   MSc. (Management) - coursework(M19A) Malaysia 820126
Nur Izzati Binti Norizan   MSc. (Management) - coursework(M19A) Malaysia 820125
RABIULLAH   MSc. (Management) - coursework(M19A) Bangladesh 819749
Romisuhaily Binti Ahmad   MSc. (Management) - coursework(M19A) Malaysia 820349
SITI SHUHAILA BINTI MOHD NOR   MSc. (Management) - coursework(M19A) Malaysia 820215
Siti Fatin Fatehah Binti Pauzi   MSc. (Management) - coursework(M19A) Malaysia 820085
TAN SEE YEAN   MSc. (Management) - coursework(M19A) Malaysia 819755
TEY HWA JIUN   MSc. (Management) - coursework(M19A) Malaysia 819764
Teoh Kuih See   MSc. (Management) - coursework(M19A) Malaysia 819754
WAN NUR SYUHADA BINTI WAN ISMAIL   MSc. (Management) - coursework(M19A) Malaysia 819761
Waheeb Karim Mousa Almawajdeh   MSc. (Management) - coursework(M19A) Jordan 819763
Yang Xiaoxi   MSc. (Management) - coursework(M19A) China 819769
Zurina Binti Zulkifli   MSc. (Management) - coursework(M19A) Malaysia 819242
Abba Ya'u Roni   MSc. (Inter. Acct.)(M20A) Nigeria 819873
Abdurahman A. Altayeb Mohamed   MSc. (Inter. Acct.)(M20A) Libya 819872
Ahmed Mohammed Ahmed Ba-Aqail   MSc. (Inter. Acct.)(M20A) Yemen 819548
Aliyu Dikko   MSc. (Inter. Acct.)(M20A) Nigeria 819876
Anas Rasheed Karamah BA Jary   MSc. (Inter. Acct.)(M20A) Yemen 819604
Arina Rus Zahira Rusli   MSc. (Inter. Acct.)(M20A) Malaysia 820211
Arma Ya'u Alhaji Sani   MSc. (Inter. Acct.)(M20A) Nigeria 819660
BAHLOULI AMINE   MSc. (Inter. Acct.)(M20A) Algeria 819659
DUAN PANPAN   MSc. (Inter. Acct.)(M20A) China 819666
Elman .E.J. Swiai   MSc. (Inter. Acct.)(M20A) Libya 819640
Fahd Farag Saleh Al-Batati   MSc. (Inter. Acct.)(M20A) Yemen 819602
Gayatri   MSc. (Inter. Acct.)(M20A) Malaysia 820225
KHOO VIVIAN   MSc. (Inter. Acct.)(M20A) Malaysia 819664
OGUNYEMI AIOMIDUPUPO EMMANUEL   MSc. (Inter. Acct.)(M20A) Nigeria 820082
PAN YING   MSc. (Inter. Acct.)(M20A) China 819668
QAIS AHMAD QASIM AL-SHBOUL   MSc. (Inter. Acct.)(M20A) Jordan 819819
Ramzi Bashir Abobkr Shandour   MSc. (Inter. Acct.)(M20A) Libya 819964
SITI NORFATIN AFIQAH BINTI ISMAIL   MSc. (Inter. Acct.)(M20A) Malaysia 820212
Sabo Ahmed   MSc. (Inter. Acct.)(M20A) Nigeria 820363
Shahanif Bin Hasan   MSc. (Inter. Acct.)(M20A) Malaysia 819355
Tariro Masunda   MSc. (Inter. Acct.)(M20A) Zimbabwe 819589
Umar Sirajo   MSc. (Inter. Acct.)(M20A) Nigeria 819662
Wong Voon Leong   MSc. (Inter. Acct.)(M20A) Malaysia 820210
YANG MENGMENG   MSc. (Inter. Acct.)(M20A) China 819665
Yousef Fathi Mohammad Hawari   MSc. (Inter. Acct.)(M20A) Jordan 819591
ZHANG LANLAN   MSc. (Inter. Acct.)(M20A) China 819667
umar aliyu   MSc. (Inter. Acct.)(M20A) Nigeria 819820
Ayoub Juma Adib   MSc. (Banking) - coursework(M21A) Tanzania 820201
Faida Abdalla Ali   MSc. (Banking) - coursework(M21A) Tanzania 820200
NOOR AZEAN AZDZILA BINTI ZULKIFLI   MSc. (Banking) - coursework(M21A) Malaysia 819535
Nur Aziani Binti Azizi   MSc. (Banking) - coursework(M21A) Malaysia 820217
GAJEINTDRAN MATHRAVEERAN   MSc. (Acct)(M23) Malaysia 819954
LATEEF SAHEED ADEMOLA   MSc. (Acct)(M23) Nigeria 819772
OGEDENGBE FOWOKEMI ALABA   MSc. (Acct)(M23) Nigeria 820209
Ogirima Abdulmumuni   MSc. (Acct)(M23) Nigeria 819716
MUHAMMAD 'AFIF BIN RUSHAMI ZIEN   MSc. (Islamic Finance)(M28) Malaysia 820356
Abdirahman khalif Abdirahman   MIFB(M31A) Somalia 820032
Abdullah Ali Abdullah Al-Khaledi   MIFB(M31A) Yemen 820271
Barkhad Yousuf Elmi   MIFB(M31A) Somalia 819955
Guo, Yi   MIFB(M31A) China 820084
HAIZA ARYANI ILYAS   MIFB(M31A) Malaysia 820028
Mohamad Syahir Bin Ab Halim   MIFB(M31A) Malaysia 819917
Mohd Burhan Bin Yusof   MIFB(M31A) Malaysia 819240
Muhammad Afif Bin Mukhtar   MIFB(M31A) Malaysia 819723
Noor Syahirah Zakaria   MIFB(M31A) Malaysia 820024
Nor Shahrizan Md Nor   MIFB(M31A) Malaysia 820202
Norhatini Binti Jamaludin   MIFB(M31A) Malaysia 820031
Nurul Huda Mohamed Isa   MIFB(M31A) Malaysia 820029
Rami Mohamed Kamal Rashad Ibrahim   MIFB(M31A) Egypt 819661
Siti Najihah Binti Sabri   MIFB(M31A) Malaysia 819241
Yahya Taled Navaa   MIFB(M31A) Africa 820023
Zaynab Mohamed Abdilahi   MIFB(M31A) Somalia 819989
Zulhasmi bin Mohamad   MIFB(M31A) Malaysia 820207
ABDULLAH ZAWAWI BIN SHUHAIMI   MIBS - by coursework(M34A) Malaysia 820343
Mohamad Syubhana Mufti Bin Mohamad Noord   MIBS - by coursework(M34A) Malaysia 820353
Nurul Afiqatul Asiyyah Binti Azizan   MIBS - by coursework(M34A) Malaysia 820355
Nazifah Binti Abdull Razab   MIBS - by research(M34C) Malaysia 820303
Sulaiman Bin Hj. Saud   MIBS - by research(M34C) Malaysia 819252
Henry Johnson   MSc. (Tech. Mgmt.)(M43) Nigeria 820222
Iheanyichukwu Chukwudi NKWODINMA   MSc. (Tech. Mgmt.)(M43) Nigeria 820312
Vassu a/l Kupusamy   MSc. (Tech. Mgmt.)(M43) Malaysia 820256
Ade Eka Afriska   MEc. - coursework(M5A) Indonesia 819718
ISMAIL ABDINASIR GARANE   MEc. - coursework(M5A) Somalia 819717
Mohd Tarmizi Bin Ismail   MEc. - coursework(M5A) Malaysia 820337
NOOR HASLINDAWATI BINTI ABD RAHMAN   MEc. - coursework(M5A) Malaysia 819721
NUR A'DILAH HANI BINTI ZULKIFLY   MEc. - coursework(M5A) Malaysia 820347
NURAFIZAH BINTI ANUAR   MEc. - coursework(M5A) Malaysia 820061
NURUL WAFA DINI BINTI BADARUDDIN   MEc. - coursework(M5A) Malaysia 820341
SHERIHAZLIN BINTI AHMAD   MEc. - coursework(M5A) Malaysia 820348
SYAHIRAH BINTI MAT ARIDI   MEc. - coursework(M5A) Malaysia 820340
Salem Mohammed Salem Awadh Mubarak   MEc. - coursework(M5A) Yemen 820059
Shittu Waliu Olawale   MEc. - coursework(M5A) Nigeria 820058
TUAN NUR FARAH FADHILAH BINTI TUAN MUSTA   MEc. - coursework(M5A) Malaysia 820060
ATIQAH NAZIRAH BINTI ANUAR   MEc. (CW & D)(M5B) Malaysia 820333
Eason Lau Ghee Saint   MEc. (CW & D)(M5B) Malaysia 820334
Mohd Sofian Bin Mohammad Rosbi   MEc. (CW & D)(M5B) Malaysia 820036
Mustapha Ibrahim   MEc. (CW & D)(M5B) Nigeria 820338
Siti Nur Fatihah Binti Samsuddin   MEc. (Research)(M5C) Malaysia 819264
NUR FATIN BINTI ZABIDI   MHRM - by research(M75) Malaysia 820075
MEGALA VISWANATHAN   MSc (Operation Mgmt.)(M89) Malaysia 820223
Norul Huda Binti Che Mahdi   MSc (Operation Mgmt.)(M89) Malaysia 820359
PUSPALOSHNI A/P PUSPHPARAJOO   MSc (Operation Mgmt.)(M89) Malaysia 820224
Ali Sani Ibrahim   Ph.D. (Economics)(P101) Nigeria 901160
Fozia Latif Gill   Ph.D. (Economics)(P101) Pakistan 901152
GAMBO ZAKARI   Ph.D. (Economics)(P101) Nigeria 901189
Gani, Ibrahim Musa   Ph.D. (Economics)(P101) Nigeria 901238
Helen Saba Douglas   Ph.D. (Economics)(P101) Nigeria 901183
IBRAHIM INUWA BALARABE   Ph.D. (Economics)(P101) Nigeria 901341
Kuar Lok Sin   Ph.D. (Economics)(P101) Malaysia 901333
Maryam Ahmad   Ph.D. (Economics)(P101) Nigeria 901336
NOR HIDAYAH  BT HARUN   Ph.D. (Economics)(P101) Malaysia 901330
Paul Anthony Maria Das   Ph.D. (Economics)(P101) Malaysia 901035
RANA MUHAMMAD ADEEL FAROOQ   Ph.D. (Economics)(P101) Pakistan 901038
SAADEDDIN. S. M. ZURGANI   Ph.D. (Economics)(P101) Libya 901037
SADDIQ SANI ABUBAKAR   Ph.D. (Economics)(P101) Nigeria 901241
Shagea Ali Ahmed Ghaleb   Ph.D. (Economics)(P101) Yemen 901177
THILAGAVATHI A/P MUTTU   Ph.D. (Economics)(P101) Malaysia 901331
Tang Boon Guan   Ph.D. (Economics)(P101) Malaysia 901184
Uma A/P Murthy   Ph.D. (Economics)(P101) Malaysia 901034
Zakari Sale   Ph.D. (Economics)(P101) Nigeria 901239
AMIZATULHAWA BINTI MAT SANI   Ph.D. (Marketing)(P102) Malaysia 901219
Abd Elwahab Dukali Ali Rawimi   Ph.D. (Marketing)(P102) Libya 901342
Ahmad Saifalddin Yousef Abu - AlHaija   Ph.D. (Marketing)(P102) Jordan 901205
Ayaz Ahmad   Ph.D. (Marketing)(P102) Pakistan 901201
HASAN ZAHID   Ph.D. (Marketing)(P102) Pakistan 901218
KHALID OMAR MOHD AL DEHOON   Ph.D. (Marketing)(P102) Jordan 900866
Lameche Djallel   Ph.D. (Marketing)(P102) Algeria 901155
Lim Thean Pheng   Ph.D. (Marketing)(P102) Malaysia 900867
Lim Yi Jin   Ph.D. (Marketing)(P102) Malaysia 901224
MD. KASHEDUL WAHAB TUHIN   Ph.D. (Marketing)(P102) Bangladesh 901056
MOHD HAFIZAN BIN RAMLAN   Ph.D. (Marketing)(P102) Malaysia 901329
MUHAMMAD SALMAN   Ph.D. (Marketing)(P102) Pakistan 901222
Mustafa Abd Al-Rahman Salem Akaileh   Ph.D. (Marketing)(P102) Jordan 900920
Seddaoui Rabah   Ph.D. (Marketing)(P102) Algeria 901306
Shoaib Ali   Ph.D. (Marketing)(P102) Pakistan 901225
Ubaid Ur Rahman   Ph.D. (Marketing)(P102) Pakistan 901315
Auwalu Ado   Ph.D (Islamic Finance&Banking)(P111) Nigeria 900957
Benidir Samir   Ph.D (Islamic Finance&Banking)(P111) Algeria 901304
Jamal Mahmoud Ali Sawalha   Ph.D (Islamic Finance&Banking)(P111) Jordan 901010
MOHD SHAHID AZIM BIN MOHD SAUFI   Ph.D (Islamic Finance&Banking)(P111) Malaysia 901334
MUSTAPHA SIDI ATTAHIRU   Ph.D (Islamic Finance&Banking)(P111) Nigeria 901335
Umar Aliyu   Ph.D (Islamic Finance&Banking)(P111) Nigeria 901011
ZAHRADEEN MUSTAPHA SANI   Ph.D (Islamic Finance&Banking)(P111) Nigeria 901345
Zuraina Binti Alias   Ph.D (Islamic Finance&Banking)(P111) Malaysia 900960
Mohd Liki Bin Hamid   Ph.D (Muamalat & Syariah Adv.)(P112) Malaysia 901242
Siti Fardatuladha Bt. Abd Rahman   Ph.D (Muamalat & Syariah Adv.)(P112) Malaysia 901008
MOHAMMAD ADEL GHANDOUR AL-BSHEISH   Ph.D (Healthcare Management)(P115) Jordan 901123
Sani Ahmed Sasa   PhD (Agribusiness)(P116) Nigeria 901339
Abdulkadir Aminu Ahmed   Ph.D (Entrepreneurship)(P118) Nigeria 900972
Adelaja Ayotunde Adetola   Ph.D (Entrepreneurship)(P118) Nigeria 901206
Aliyu Rahmat Magajiya   Ph.D (Entrepreneurship)(P118) Nigeria 900971
Auwal Muhammad Isah   Ph.D (Entrepreneurship)(P118) Nigeria 901176
Auwalu Inusa   Ph.D (Entrepreneurship)(P118) Nigeria 900959
Bisharat Ali   Ph.D (Entrepreneurship)(P118) Pakistan 901217
RAMESH S/O THANGAVELU   Ph.D (Entrepreneurship)(P118) Malaysia 901120
Soo Yong Tian   Ph.D (Entrepreneurship)(P118) Malaysia 900943
Firas E A Al-fraihat   PhD (Management Info. System)(P122) Jordan 900987
Hamood   PhD (Management Info. System)(P122) Oman 900988
Naser ahmad abdelfattah sulehat   PhD (Management Info. System)(P122) Jordan 900976
ARBI BIN ABDUL PALAK   PhD (Techno, Operation & Log.)(P14) Malaysia 901247
Abdul Rahman Bin Mohamad Saleh   PhD (Techno, Operation & Log.)(P14) Malaysia 901255
Ali Ibrahin Mohamed Albeqaish Alraeesi   PhD (Techno, Operation & Log.)(P14) Unit. Arab Emirate 901232
Azyyati Anuar   PhD (Techno, Operation & Log.)(P14) Malaysia 900990
Hasni bin Yang Ghazali   PhD (Techno, Operation & Log.)(P14) Malaysia 901319
Ismaniza Ishak   PhD (Techno, Operation & Log.)(P14) Malaysia 901262
Jakiah Binti Hassan   PhD (Techno, Operation & Log.)(P14) Malaysia 901266
Loke Wei Kit   PhD (Techno, Operation & Log.)(P14) Malaysia 901296
MOHAMMAD HASBULLAH BIN SHAIK ISMAIL   PhD (Techno, Operation & Log.)(P14) Malaysia 900975
MUHAMMAD AIZAT BIN MD SIN   PhD (Techno, Operation & Log.)(P14) Malaysia 901328
Marazlin binti Abd Aziz   PhD (Techno, Operation & Log.)(P14) Malaysia 901268
Mohamed Suhaimi Yusof   PhD (Techno, Operation & Log.)(P14) Malaysia 901303
Mohd Azwan Bin Zainol   PhD (Techno, Operation & Log.)(P14) Malaysia 901259
Mohd Noor Shariffuddin Al-Muharram bin M   PhD (Techno, Operation & Log.)(P14) Malaysia 901265
Muammad Khalid Haruna   PhD (Techno, Operation & Log.)(P14) Africa 901256
NORLILA BINTI MAHIDIN   PhD (Techno, Operation & Log.)(P14) Malaysia 900915
NUR SYAHEEDA BINTI AZIZ   PhD (Techno, Operation & Log.)(P14) Malaysia 900942
NURUL HUSNA BT MAHADZIR   PhD (Techno, Operation & Log.)(P14) Malaysia 900986
Nor Zamilah Muhd Ghazali   PhD (Techno, Operation & Log.)(P14) Malaysia 901260
Noraslinda Binti Fauzi   PhD (Techno, Operation & Log.)(P14) Malaysia 900922
Norhaninah Binti A. Gani   PhD (Techno, Operation & Log.)(P14) Malaysia 900868
Nur Khairiah Muhammad   PhD (Techno, Operation & Log.)(P14) Malaysia 901261
Othman Bin Ahmad   PhD (Techno, Operation & Log.)(P14) Malaysia 901263
PREMANAND K MURTHI   PhD (Techno, Operation & Log.)(P14) Malaysia 901316
Palani A/L Annamalai   PhD (Techno, Operation & Log.)(P14) Malaysia 901347
QAIS HASHIL SALIM AL RUBAIEI   PhD (Techno, Operation & Log.)(P14) Oman 901318
SASITHARAN A/L DAYANAN   PhD (Techno, Operation & Log.)(P14) Malaysia 901053
SHUKOR BIN NORDIN   PhD (Techno, Operation & Log.)(P14) Malaysia 901297
SUHEIL BIN CHE SOBRY   PhD (Techno, Operation & Log.)(P14) Malaysia 901254
Saidu Faisal Abubakar   PhD (Techno, Operation & Log.)(P14) Nigeria 900989
Seah Ee Ching   PhD (Techno, Operation & Log.)(P14) Malaysia 901307
TAN KAR HOOI   PhD (Techno, Operation & Log.)(P14) Malaysia 901298
TEOH BAK AUN   PhD (Techno, Operation & Log.)(P14) Malaysia 901299
YUSRIZAL SUFARDI BIN MOHD YUNAN   PhD (Techno, Operation & Log.)(P14) Malaysia 901300
Zuhren Md. Nasir   PhD (Techno, Operation & Log.)(P14) Malaysia 901348
Zulrina Efriza Binti Zardi   PhD (Techno, Operation & Log.)(P14) Malaysia 900923
ABDULMOHSAN SAUD S ALMOTAWA   PhD (HRM)(P18) Saudi Arabia 901167
Abubakar Sani   PhD (HRM)(P18) Nigeria 901166
Ahmad Isoud Awwad Alkhawaldeh   PhD (HRM)(P18) Jordan 901029
Al Howaymel Abdulkareem Abdullah   PhD (HRM)(P18) Saudi Arabia 901062
Albassami Ahmad Mohmamd A   PhD (HRM)(P18) Saudi Arabia 901050
Bolatiwa Olokede   PhD (HRM)(P18) Nigeria 900933
FAIRUZ BT AHAMAD   PhD (HRM)(P18) Malaysia 900925
Farwa Muqadas   PhD (HRM)(P18) Pakistan 901187
Gheath Mahmoud Ali Abdel-Rahman   PhD (HRM)(P18) Jordan 900956
Hayatu Hazima Shehu (Zubairu)   PhD (HRM)(P18) Nigeria 901237
Irza Hanie binti Abu Samah   PhD (HRM)(P18) Malaysia 901059
MOHD FAIZAL BIN ABDUL MANAN   PhD (HRM)(P18) Malaysia 901133
Mageswari A/P Balakrishnan   PhD (HRM)(P18) Malaysia 901058
Majid Ali   PhD (HRM)(P18) Pakistan 901191
Muhammad Awais Ejaz Khan   PhD (HRM)(P18) Pakistan 901338
Muhammad Khurram Rasshid   PhD (HRM)(P18) Pakistan 901192
Norizan Binti Azizan   PhD (HRM)(P18) Malaysia 901128
Sarmin Sultana   PhD (HRM)(P18) Bangladesh 901055
Wong Hin Chow   PhD (HRM)(P18) Malaysia 901153
AKORGA MAMKPEGA CLEMENT   PhD (Finance & Banking)(P3) Nigeria 901040
ARSLAN QAYYUM   PhD (Finance & Banking)(P3) Pakistan 900974
Abdallah Khaled Hussein Ali   PhD (Finance & Banking)(P3) Jordan 901248
Abdesslam Menacer   PhD (Finance & Banking)(P3) Algeria 901249
Ahmad Harith Ashrofie Bin Hanafi   PhD (Finance & Banking)(P3) Malaysia 901258
Ali Khaled Ali Mousa   PhD (Finance & Banking)(P3) Jordan 901250
Burhan Ali Shah   PhD (Finance & Banking)(P3) Pakistan 901042
Hafiz Muhammad Muien   PhD (Finance & Banking)(P3) Pakistan 901251
MUHAMMAD ASHRAF BIN ANUAR   PhD (Finance & Banking)(P3) Malaysia 901136
Md Nazrul Islam   PhD (Finance & Banking)(P3) Bangladesh 901039
Md. Badron bin Ismail   PhD (Finance & Banking)(P3) Malaysia 901179
Mohammed Gambo Idris   PhD (Finance & Banking)(P3) Nigeria 901181
Momin S. M. Qatei   PhD (Finance & Banking)(P3) Palestin 901252
Mousa A. M. Ajouz   PhD (Finance & Banking)(P3) Palestin 901182
Muhammad Sajjad   PhD (Finance & Banking)(P3) Pakistan 901302
Muhammad Saqib Bashir Butt   PhD (Finance & Banking)(P3) Pakistan 901180
Muhammad Usman   PhD (Finance & Banking)(P3) Pakistan 900927
Norshamshina Mat Isa   PhD (Finance & Banking)(P3) Malaysia 901115
Sa'ed Ismail Mahmoud Abu Salim   PhD (Finance & Banking)(P3) Jordan 900968
Sakinatu Kabir   PhD (Finance & Banking)(P3) Nigeria 901253
Suriani bt. Sukri   PhD (Finance & Banking)(P3) Malaysia 901257
Tabassum Riaz   PhD (Finance & Banking)(P3) Pakistan 901073
UMAR BAMANGA   PhD (Finance & Banking)(P3) Nigeria 901178
UMAR FAROOQ   PhD (Finance & Banking)(P3) Pakistan 901041
WAJIHA KANWAL D/O MUHAMMAD ISMAIL   PhD (Finance & Banking)(P3) Pakistan 901074
AAMIR OMAIR   PhD (Management)(P4) Pakistan 901204
ADI SUSILO JAHJA   PhD (Management)(P4) Indonesia 900955
AL BUSAIDI BARAKAT AMIN SAID   PhD (Management)(P4) Saudi Arabia 901130
ALANAZI OBAID JAYEZO   PhD (Management)(P4) Saudi Arabia 901295
ALOTAIBI SAAD AZIZ H   PhD (Management)(P4) Qatar 901061
ALSADOUN ABDULLAH ALI A   PhD (Management)(P4) Saudi Arabia 901207
AZIM AZUAN BIN OSMAN   PhD (Management)(P4) Malaysia 901221
Ahmad Perbuana Bin Ismail   PhD (Management)(P4) Malaysia 901226
Ahmed Said Al Arafati   PhD (Management)(P4) Oman 901332
Aidanazima Abashah   PhD (Management)(P4) Malaysia 901208
Amjad Abbas Pitafi   PhD (Management)(P4) Pakistan 901119
Ammar Ahmed   PhD (Management)(P4) Pakistan 901076
Areerat Siristien   PhD (Management)(P4) Thailand 900991
BELLO HARUNA   PhD (Management)(P4) Nigeria 901129
Charinee Jaiuea   PhD (Management)(P4) Thailand 900992
Farjahan Rahman Shawon   PhD (Management)(P4) Bangladesh 901125
Fazilah Binti Aliman   PhD (Management)(P4) Malaysia 901060
GARBA MUDDAHA   PhD (Management)(P4) Nigeria 901126
Gondah Male Ibrahim   PhD (Management)(P4) Nigeria 901127
HISHAMUDDIN FITRI BIN ABU HASAN   PhD (Management)(P4) Malaysia 901229
Haima   PhD (Management)(P4) Oman 900980
Hashem Ramadan   PhD (Management)(P4) Palestin 901122
ISKANDAR BIN JASSA   PhD (Management)(P4) Malaysia 901220
Ikram Lalmi   PhD (Management)(P4) Algeria 901305
KARUNA KUMEGAN   PhD (Management)(P4) Malaysia 901209
Khaled Abdulwahab Zaid Al-Yamani   PhD (Management)(P4) Yemen 901077
Khwanjai Wongchuay   PhD (Management)(P4) Thailand 900929
MOHAMMED SALEH ALOSANI   PhD (Management)(P4) Yemen 901340
MR. PAWEEN CHOKENUKUL   PhD (Management)(P4) Thailand 900930
MUHAMMAD AZEEM   PhD (Management)(P4) Pakistan 901188
Modile Adekunle Umar   PhD (Management)(P4) USA 901337
Mohammad H Kh Alwethenani   PhD (Management)(P4) Saudi Arabia 901346
Mohammad Mostofa Jaman   PhD (Management)(P4) Bangladesh 901134
Mohammad Sied Mansowr Al Shrafat   PhD (Management)(P4) Jordan 901202
Mohammed Al-Baz   PhD (Management)(P4) Palestin 901066
Mthni Mohammad Khalaf Alkhawaldeh   PhD (Management)(P4) Jordan 901343
Muhammad Adnan Khurshid   PhD (Management)(P4) Pakistan 901065
Muhammad Kashif Awan   PhD (Management)(P4) Pakistan 900926
Muhammad Kashif Imran   PhD (Management)(P4) Pakistan 901185
Muhammad Zulhilmi Bin Md Shabani   PhD (Management)(P4) Malaysia 901194
NADIAH RUS LIYANA BINTI RUSLI   PhD (Management)(P4) Malaysia 901231
NAWAWI BIN A.MAJID   PhD (Management)(P4) Malaysia 901210
NORDIN BIN VARSEH ISMAIL   PhD (Management)(P4) Malaysia 901267
NUR SHAZWANI BT ROSLI   PhD (Management)(P4) Malaysia 901137
Nasir Abdul Jalil   PhD (Management)(P4) Malaysia 901228
Nor Balqis binti Badrolhisham   PhD (Management)(P4) Malaysia 901214
Nurul Aqila Hasbullah   PhD (Management)(P4) Malaysia 901216
Odunlami John Olakitan   PhD (Management)(P4) Nigeria 901211
Panapak Panudechagrich   PhD (Management)(P4) Thailand 900931
Phakan Tantikornphan   PhD (Management)(P4) Thailand 900928
RADHI BIN ABU BAKAR   PhD (Management)(P4) Malaysia 901264
RAZLEENA BINTI RAZALI   PhD (Management)(P4) Malaysia 901223
ROHAYA BINTI ROAIS   PhD (Management)(P4) Malaysia 901165
SHAHANA AMIR   PhD (Management)(P4) Pakistan 901203
SISPAN THAWEERATANA   PhD (Management)(P4) Thailand 900932
Samson Waibe Bature   PhD (Management)(P4) Nigeria 900962
Shamem Ara Mili   PhD (Management)(P4) Bangladesh 901057
Thienchai   PhD (Management)(P4) Thailand 901193
Usman Aslam   PhD (Management)(P4) Pakistan 901186
YAP LUEN HER   PhD (Management)(P4) Malaysia 901212
Youcef Berrouche   PhD (Management)(P4) Algeria 901121
Zuraina Binti Ahmad   PhD (Management)(P4) Malaysia 901213
Ahmad Marei   PhD (Accounting)(P8) Jordan 900965
Ali Shariff Kabara   PhD (Accounting)(P8) Nigeria 901046
Hosni S.H. Husseinali   PhD (Accounting)(P8) Palestin 900914
Housein Musbah Al-Allam   PhD (Accounting)(P8) Libya 901240
IBRAHIM BARJES SA'AD ALMASHAQBEH   PhD (Accounting)(P8) Jordan 900967
IKBAR PRATAMA   PhD (Accounting)(P8) Indonesia 901317
ISA FATIHU SHEHU   PhD (Accounting)(P8) Africa 901030
ISMAILA YUSUF   PhD (Accounting)(P8) Nigeria 901048
Idris Lawal   PhD (Accounting)(P8) Nigeria 901031
James Uchenna Okpe   PhD (Accounting)(P8) Nigeria 901063
Jamilu Umar Lawan   PhD (Accounting)(P8) Nigeria 900969
Joseph Samuel   PhD (Accounting)(P8) Nigeria 901064
Kasimu Abdulrahim   PhD (Accounting)(P8) Nigeria 901051
MOHAMMED FATIMOH   PhD (Accounting)(P8) Nigeria 901243
MU'ATH BASSAM KHALED ABDEL-QADER   PhD (Accounting)(P8) Jordan 900973
Mohammed Sami Mohammed Ali Barakat   PhD (Accounting)(P8) Jordan 901045
Muhamad Nizam Bin Jali   PhD (Accounting)(P8) Malaysia 901103
Muhammad Tanimu Ibrahim   PhD (Accounting)(P8) Nigeria 901049
Nasiru Isah   PhD (Accounting)(P8) Nigeria 901047
Nishtiman   PhD (Accounting)(P8) Iraq 901230
Phusana Polsongkram   PhD (Accounting)(P8) Thailand 901043
R GANES RAMALINGAM   PhD (Accounting)(P8) Malaysia 901244
SAIDU YAU   PhD (Accounting)(P8) Nigeria 901007
SHUAIBU KABIRU   PhD (Accounting)(P8) Nigeria 901054
Saifuddeen Ibrahim   PhD (Accounting)(P8) Nigeria 901032
Sajjad Nawaz   PhD (Accounting)(P8) Pakistan 900977
Saleh  Salem Saeed Bajrei   PhD (Accounting)(P8) Yemen 901033
Yunusa Acho   PhD (Accounting)(P8) Nigeria 901245
Zakariyau Gurama   PhD (Accounting)(P8) Nigeria 901246
lu'ay daoud   PhD (Accounting)(P8) Jordan 901009
Pichi Prapinit   P.Doc.(Tech. Oper.& Log. Mgmt)(T13) Thailand 99255
Abd Sukur Bin Salmo   DBA(D1) 901321
Ahmad Shah Bin Razali   DBA(D1) 901138
Ardzmi Bin Mohd Maddin   DBA(D1) 901320
Azlina Binti Bahari   DBA(D1) 901310
Azmi Bin Ab Rahman   DBA(D1) 901154
Farah Zulika Binti Razlan   DBA(D1) 901312
Hasbullah Bin Hj. Abd. Jalil   DBA(D1) 901314
Mohd. Amifarez Bin Hamidun   DBA(D1) 901116
Shahrulnizam bin Baba   DBA(D1) 901313
Shubaisni   DBA(D1) 901118
Sivananthan a/l Subramaniam   DBA(D1) 901163
Syahrul Azmir Bin Ahmad Zaki   DBA(D1) 901311
Vigneswary a/p Pranava Rasahugan   DBA(D1) 901117
Yip Hock Seng   DBA(D1) 901164
Dedy Anry   MBA - general(M100) 820037
GUNASEGAR A/L PALANIVELU   MBA - general(M100) 820274
GUNASEGAR A/L PALANIVELU   MBA - general(M100) 820288
GUNAVATHY A/P SUPRAMANIAM   MBA - general(M100) 820001
Hairul Nizam Bin Othman   MBA - general(M100) 820269
Hirman bin Salim   MBA - general(M100) 820015
JEGATHESAN A/L RAMASAMY   MBA - general(M100) 820315
Jaya d/o Krishnan   MBA - general(M100) 820006
KATHIRAVAN A/L NADARAJAN   MBA - general(M100) 820002
Khairul Azhar B. Abd Wahid   MBA - general(M100) 820304
Lilambikha a/p Raja Vikraman Varman   MBA - general(M100) 820275
MAIZATULAKMA BINTI ISMAIL   MBA - general(M100) 820297
MOHD FAHMI BIN IDRIS   MBA - general(M100) 820289
MOHD MUIZ BIN MUHAMAD   MBA - general(M100) 820010
MOHD RAZLAN BIN MOHD JASIN   MBA - general(M100) 820290
Magdalene a/p John   MBA - general(M100) 820005
Mageswaran Shanmugam   MBA - general(M100) 819914
Megala Sangaran   MBA - general(M100) 819998
Meuthia Wati Binti Safril   MBA - general(M100) 820276
Mohd Aizat Bin Mohd Azizan   MBA - general(M100) 820308
Mohd Amir Aizat Bin Mohd Zukhi   MBA - general(M100) 820317
Mohd Khidir Bin Ghazali   MBA - general(M100) 820316
Mohd Rozimi Bin Mustapha   MBA - general(M100) 820277
Mohd Shamsulfahmi bin Shamsudin   MBA - general(M100) 819915
Muhamed Rizman Bin Abdullah   MBA - general(M100) 820310
Muhammad Nizam Bin Khairy Anuar   MBA - general(M100) 820000
Ng Kok Kiong   MBA - general(M100) 820187
Noor Azilah Binti Abu Shahid   MBA - general(M100) 820267
Nor Anisah Binti Ahmad Norwawi   MBA - general(M100) 820033
Nur Hidayah Binti Muhamad Johari   MBA - general(M100) 820268
Punithavathy a/p Sundaram   MBA - general(M100) 820270
Rajendiraperasad a/l Muniam   MBA - general(M100) 820309
Raymond Raj a/l Kunasekar Palras   MBA - general(M100) 820280
Revathi a/p Arulnathen   MBA - general(M100) 820007
SANGEETA A/P CHANDRAN   MBA - general(M100) 820034
SANURI BIN SAARI   MBA - general(M100) 819999
SITI MURNI BT MUSTAPHA   MBA - general(M100) 820295
Sangeetha a/p Kisna   MBA - general(M100) 820004
Sharmila a/p Avaniappan   MBA - general(M100) 820281
Sheshnath a/l Balbir Singh   MBA - general(M100) 820282
Shubashini a/p Mathyalingam   MBA - general(M100) 820283
Siti Natrah Binti Ibrahim   MBA - general(M100) 820011
Siti Nursafiyyah Mazlan   MBA - general(M100) 819972
Sumitra Ramachandran   MBA - general(M100) 820012
TAY WEE KIAN   MBA - general(M100) 820291
Tamil Selvan a/l Mahalingam   MBA - general(M100) 820284
Tan Chaa Yehh   MBA - general(M100) 820285
Tazul Ayrizan Bin Zulkifly   MBA - general(M100) 820014
Teh Kok Meng   MBA - general(M100) 820286
ABDUL RAHMAN ABDULLAH   MSc. (OSHM) - coursework(M10A) 820087
Aisha Binti Warshaf   MSc. (OSHM) - coursework(M10A) 820088
Ermie Binti Abdull Hamid   MSc. (OSHM) - coursework(M10A) 820185
Kong Sau Mun   MSc. (OSHM) - coursework(M10A) 820090
Lee Peng Loon @ Darian Lee   MSc. (OSHM) - coursework(M10A) 820302
MUHAMMAD AFIF BIN HALIM   MSc. (OSHM) - coursework(M10A) 819905
Mohd Fahmi Bin Md Radzi   MSc. (OSHM) - coursework(M10A) 820092
Mohd Fuad Bin Abdullah   MSc. (OSHM) - coursework(M10A) 820322
Mohd Hatta bin Mohd Hussain   MSc. (OSHM) - coursework(M10A) 820129
Mohd Sawadihisam Bin Che Siok   MSc. (OSHM) - coursework(M10A) 820127
Mohd Yazid bin Mat Isa   MSc. (OSHM) - coursework(M10A) 820278
Mohd Zhafri Bin Harudin   MSc. (OSHM) - coursework(M10A) 820305
NORSYAFINI BINTI AHMAD MARZUKI   MSc. (OSHM) - coursework(M10A) 820307
NUR AZYYATI BINTI MAT ALI SEMAN   MSc. (OSHM) - coursework(M10A) 820141
Noor Hanatasia Binti Mohd Foudzy   MSc. (OSHM) - coursework(M10A) 820306
Nor Ashafiq Bin Norsahperi   MSc. (OSHM) - coursework(M10A) 820140
Nor Atiqah Binti Mohammad Shopi   MSc. (OSHM) - coursework(M10A) 820142
Nor Syahila Binti Ahmad Marzuki   MSc. (OSHM) - coursework(M10A) 820171
Rohaizah Binti Mohamad   MSc. (OSHM) - coursework(M10A) 820093
Rohayu Binti Ahmmad Romzay   MSc. (OSHM) - coursework(M10A) 820098
Subki Bin Ahmad   MSc. (OSHM) - coursework(M10A) 820195
Thinakaran S/O Damodaran   MSc. (OSHM) - coursework(M10A) 820329
Ungku Ismith Syafiq Bin Ungku Khalid   MSc. (OSHM) - coursework(M10A) 820094
Vivekananda a/l Rajalingam   MSc. (OSHM) - coursework(M10A) 820095
 Ku Luqmannul Hakim Ku Yaacob   MHRM - coursework(M17A) 820196
Asyraf Hafetz Bin Daud   MHRM - coursework(M17A) 820287
JASMIN BT ABD SANI   MHRM - coursework(M17A) 820117
MOHD NASIR AMAT   MHRM - coursework(M17A) 820311
MUHAMMAD RIDHWAN BIN ALI   MHRM - coursework(M17A) 820091
Mong Swee Mei   MHRM - coursework(M17A) 820261
Noor Azilah Binti Abu Shahid   MHRM - coursework(M17A) 820294
Nur Ayuni Bt. Othman   MHRM - coursework(M17A) 820234
Pu An Hua   MHRM - coursework(M17A) 820237
REZA IVANNA BINTI ABDULLAH   MHRM - coursework(M17A) 820134
Rodzal Bin Had   MHRM - coursework(M17A) 820198
Rozanna Bt Misran   MHRM - coursework(M17A) 820262
Shafura Binti Mat Saman   MHRM - coursework(M17A) 820265
Sivadarshini a/p Suppiah   MHRM - coursework(M17A) 820135
Wendy Choong Mun Yuh   MHRM - coursework(M17A) 820096
Yeo Chiu Hoon   MHRM - coursework(M17A) 820238
Kalaimagal a/p Ganesh   MSc. (Finance) - coursework(M18A) 820227
Lim Kooi Lee   MSc. (Finance) - coursework(M18A) 820228
NURHUWAIDA BINTI ABDULLAH   MSc. (Finance) - coursework(M18A) 820197
Nawar Zahra Binti Othman   MSc. (Finance) - coursework(M18A) 820323
Pakiam A/P K. Ramachandran   MSc. (Finance) - coursework(M18A) 820233
Wan Nur Akmal Binti Wan Shoaidi   MSc. (Finance) - coursework(M18A) 820231
Yasmin Binti Mohamad Tahir   MSc. (Finance) - coursework(M18A) 819916
Yee Soh Chun   MSc. (Finance) - coursework(M18A) 820232
ZETY ZULAIKA ABDUL RAHIM   MSc. (Finance) - coursework(M18A) 819978
Adhwa' Ghanimi Bin Mohamed   MSc. (Management) - coursework(M19A) 820008
Aimy Rohaiza Binti Ahmad Rakhli   MSc. (Management) - coursework(M19A) 820293
Ambiga P.Panichelvam   MSc. (Management) - coursework(M19A) 820166
Arulsaanthishan a/p Dhanabalan   MSc. (Management) - coursework(M19A) 820272
Bavithira a/p Vijakumaran   MSc. (Management) - coursework(M19A) 820273
Earwan Bin Abu Bakar   MSc. (Management) - coursework(M19A) 820296
KEJA PRIYA A/P VENUGOPAL   MSc. (Management) - coursework(M19A) 820320
Mohd Firdaus Bin Ibrahim   MSc. (Management) - coursework(M19A) 820298
Niezam Bin Abd Majid   MSc. (Management) - coursework(M19A) 820319
Nor Afifah Binti Fahrul Radzi   MSc. (Management) - coursework(M19A) 820264
Nurazian Binti Mustara Bakri   MSc. (Management) - coursework(M19A) 820041
Rowena Binti Mat Halip   MSc. (Management) - coursework(M19A) 820236
Sherlin a/p Marirasu   MSc. (Management) - coursework(M19A) 820266
Syam Irma Binti Mohd Sham   MSc. (Management) - coursework(M19A) 820300
Syamsul Izani Bin Ab. Manaf   MSc. (Management) - coursework(M19A) 820318
Teoh Kuih See   MSc. (Management) - coursework(M19A) 820035
Yuwarani d/o Sivashanmukam   MSc. (Management) - coursework(M19A) 820292
Cheo Yoke Yeong   MSc. (Banking) - coursework(M21A) 820235
Helmi bin Syahruddin   MSc. (Banking) - coursework(M21A) 820226
Nur Diyana Binti Yusof   MSc. (Banking) - coursework(M21A) 820229
Theyvi A/P Atchuthan   MSc. (Banking) - coursework(M21A) 820230
Ahmad Tarmizi bin Abu Hanipah   MIFB(M31A) 820263
Mohd Naim bin Mustafa   MIFB(M31A) 820208
Najihah Binti Baharruddin   MIFB(M31A) 820279

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