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About Abest21

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ABEST21 was founded in 2005, but its origins go back to 1994, when 7 business schools from Japan and abroad joined together in a Global Classroom Conference and the conference was reorganized as the Global Knowledge Network on June 28, 2002. Global Knowledge Network considered it an urgent issue to develop a system to enhance the quality of management education at the business schools. With this idea in mind, on June 28, 2004, at the Hakone Conference, the establishment of network aiming at the enhancement of management education at member schools was discussed, and the preparation to establish THE ALLIANCE ON BUSINESS EDUCATION AND SCHOLARSHIP FOR TOMORROW, a 21st century organization (ABEST21) was started. A year later, on July 1, 2005, assisted by 16 business schools from the world, the Network decided to establish ABEST21 as a mutual evaluation institution.

ABEST21 Mission Statement

We believe that there are many areas where we can explore and interact in the interest of international cooperation in the XXI century. We will advance business school education on a global basis by encouraging the mutually beneficial collaboration among member institutions. We, therefore, have come to the conclusion that we shall use our efforts to establish THE ALLIANCE ON BUSINESS EDUCATION AND SCHOLARSHIP FOR TOMORROW, a 21st century organization. The mission of ABEST21 is to advance education in business schools on a global basis by encouraging the mutual cooperation among its member institutions. The mission can be accomplished through the following goals:

- Sharing the information on curricular and teaching materials between the member institutions.
- Promoting joint research projects, joint courses, international symposium and global classroom opportunities.
- Providing advice and coordination for the member institutions in the research activities and encouraging the members to continually strive to advance the global business education.
- Facilitating the continuous improvement of the business education through accreditation.

Read more at http://www.abest21.org/

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