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The Master of Science are coursework based programmes, offered in collaboration with various schools under the College of Business. Among the programmes include MSc Finance, MSc Banking, MSc International Accounting, MSc Management, and Master of Human Resource Management. The programmes are developed to produce graduates who are capable of applying the acquired specific knowledge and skills in decision making and solving management problems, and are well prepared to face the challenges of managing organizations in the current global business environment. This programme requires students to complete a dissertation in their field of study, in which students are examined based on their ability to apply and integrate the knowledge in specialized areas. The dissertation also allows them to further enhance their analytical, communication and writing skills. More than 800 students are currently enrolled in various MSc programmes. Please refer to College of Business for programmes details. www.cob.uum.edu.my

MSc by coursework programmes offered as follows:

Master of Science (International Accounting) Master of Science (Banking) Master in Islamic Finance & Banking
Master of Science (Management) Master of Human Resource Management Master of Islamic Business Studies
Master of Science (Finance) Master of Economic Master of Science (Occupational Safety & Health Management)



Our DBA programme brings together future leaders in the public or private sectors to gain new knowledge, sharpen their intellectual and managerial skills and reflect on their past professional and personal experience. It is a three-year programme that is specifically designed to provide a rich learning experience for professionals who aspire to pursue a terminal academic qualification which is highly professionally geared and relevant. Students will have the opportunity not only to contribute to management theory but also they will be able to contribute to the advanced professional practice and development of professional knowledge.

Programme Objectives

  • Enable students/participants to acquire an in-depth understanding of the business and management processes through learning, consultancy work and research on an increasingly multifaceted and demanding business world;
  • Assist companies and organisations in resolving critical problems and promote a business environment of excellent performance;
  • Advance the performance and quality of business decisions through reflective practice and active learning.
  • Provide a platform for experienced managers to learn from the academics, business leaders and themselves, in a highly

Target Audience

Our programme is designed for seasoned, ambitious professionals who would like to bridge theory and practice, research a particular challenge in a business environment, and acquire advanced knowledge and skills of key business and managerial areas. DBA is an academically rigorous doctoral programme that is specially developed for senior, experienced professional managers and may be contextualised to a specific sector and career path.

Programme Structure

Our DBA programme is a mixed-mode programme that uses business cases, simulations, lectures, individual and group research, and consultation project to deliver its learning outcomes. Our programme encompasses both coursework and dissertation. Students need to complete 82 credits to graduate. The programme structure is as follows:

Component 1:

a. 15 credits in business fields

    * BDHS7013 Leadership and Organizational Effectiveness
    * BDAK8033 Accounting Practice and Regulation
    * BDFM8013 Corporate Financial Strategy
    * BDMF8013 Global Economic and Business Issues
    * BDMM8033 Global Strategic Marketing and Competitive Analysis

b. 9 credits in research method

    * BDMR8013 Business Research and Methodology
    * BDMR8053 Data Analysis
    * BDMI 8013 Research Proposal Construction

c. 6 credits of elective courses

    * BDMM8043 Contemporary Issues in Marketing
    * BDMH8013 Strategic Human Resource Management
    * BDMH8023 Business Negotiation
    * BDMN8033 Organisational Change Management
    * BDME8033 Seminar in Corporate Entrepreneurship
    * BDMN8043 Managing Strategy and Innovation
    * BDMF8043 Seminar in International Business
    * BDMF8053 Seminar in Business and Sustainability

Component 2: Business Consultation (3 credits)

Component 3: Dissertation (49 credits)



Our PhD programme is an advanced degree that entails individual research which should generate new knowledge. OYAGSB supervises candidates in the following niche areas: Business Information System, Leadership and Organisational Behaviour, Consumer and Market Analysis, Financial Analysis and Policy, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Industrial and Development Economics, Corruption and Accounting Fraud, Corporate Governance and Contemporary and Critical Accounting, Operations, Procurement and Supply Chain Management, Global Human Capital and Talent Management, Critical Islamic Finance and Banking, and Business Communication Strategy. Students’ research is supervised mainly by our resident faculty, who are both process and subject area specialist. OYAGSB doctoral students are expected to make significant and original contributions to the advancement of theoretical knowledge and perspective in the chosen field.

Programme Objective

Our programme aims to develop students with strong research skills and advanced knowledge in their area of study. OYAGSB PhD students are expected to become critical, ethical, responsible and responsive independent researchers and use the acquired research skills and knowledge to make a difference in business and society.

Target Audience

Our programme welcomes anyone interested in enhancing their research skills and subject expertise for the betterment of business or society at large and furthering the boundaries of knowledge.
Programme Structure
Our Programme is a research-based degree that has two key components: coursework and thesis. Before undertaking research, students are required to pass two compulsory courses of 8 credits where they will acquire necessary research skills to undertake independent research. The courses are as follows:
          * SZRZ6014 Academic Writing
          * SCLE6014 Research Methodology
Throughout the programme, research students are strongly encouraged to attend specialist research training and seminars focussing on various aspects of research process, such as developing a research proposal and statement of a research problem, writing literature review, developing research instruments/instrumentation, identifying population and sample, conducting data collection, analysing qualitative and quantitative data, etc.
Entry Requirements
1. A master’s degree from Universiti Utara Malaysia or any other institutions of higher learning recognised by the University. For a master’s degree with CGPA, the minimum CGPA is 3.00; or
2. Any other equivalent qualifications recognised by the University; and
3. Fulfil the English language requirement.
In addition to meeting the entry requirements, applicants are advised to observe the following when applying to our programme:

a. Provide a letter of motivation and research proposal (min. 1,000 words). Those whose proposal passes initial screening by the Programme Director will be called for an interview (in person or virtually).

b. Propose a potential supervisor, preferably who has already agreed to supervise the applicant. Applicants should visit the School’s website to identify the potential supervisor he/she would like to work with.

With more than 30,000 students, Universiti Utara Malaysia is the largest university that specializes solely in business and management education. Since its establishment in 1984, UUM has played a major role in developing responsive and responsible business leaders for the social and economic transformation of the country and beyond. Since the knowledge it generates and purveys transcends and extends beyond the border of Malaysia, UUM via Othman Yeop Abdullah Graduate School of Business has set a new agenda to be global in practice and content. OYA Graduate School of Business continues the effort to break down academic boundaries and bring together collaborative teams of experts, both local and international, to address major business issues. The school offers Master of Business Administration (MBA), Doctor of Business Administration (DBA), and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) programmes. Adding to the list is our new Executive Development programme. The aim is to provide new knowledge and skills for busy senior management and executives to adapt, meet challenges and build capacity in response to complex and ever changing business requirements. One of the core values that the school offers is a healthy academic atmosphere that encourages disagreements as well as accord. OYA Graduate School of Business believes in innovation and encourages a lot of different viewpoints. Maintaining high standard of the programme while helping the nation builds innovative, responsive and responsible human capital is one of the biggest challenges faced by the school. Despite all the challenges, via our innovative approach, we are proud to claim that we have achieved and continue to achieve both important agenda. This is evident by the 2011 Innovation Leadership Award given to OYA Graduate School of Business Dean by CMO Asia's Best B-School Award. OYA Graduate School of Business is also ranked no. 22 in the 2011 World Top 30 Rising MBA Stars by FindyourMBA, another great achievement for the school. In addition to MBA, DBA and PhD in specific areas of specializations (please refer to our five competency centres), OYA Graduate School of Business also offers, in collaboration with College of Business, Master of Science and PhD programmes in other broad areas like management, marketing, finance, economic, entrepreneurship, management technology, and logistics and transport. For detailed information of those programmes, please refer to COB website at www.cob.uum.edu.my. We invite you to explore further and become part of our innovative academic community.

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