UUM ONLINE: In efforts to further consolidate the direction of the organisation, members of staff at OYAGSB came together to develop the OYAGSB strategic plan at its workshop session which was held at its very own school recently.

The Dean, Prof. Dr. Shahizan Hassan said the OYAGSB Strategic Plan Workshop was an endeavour to empower both the organizational governance and cultivation of noble values towards creating OYAGSB's excellence and strengthening its role in the direction aspired by the University.

"This workshop functions as a platform for brainstorming sessions and discussions on the aspects of the restructuring and re-branding of OYAGSB in line with the changes which have taken shape in OYAGSB's highest leadership.

"This one-day workshop also emphasizes on the changes which have taken place in the current business environment and the need for members of staff at OYAGSB to be ever ready to face competition in the increasingly competitive education market," he said.

A total of five Key Result Areas (KRAs) were discussed namely the provider of distinctively different postgraduate business education; a renowned provider of executive development and business training; and excel in business research and consultancy.