OYAGSB Kuala Lumpur Town Hall Meeting And Open Day 2019


UUM ONLINE: Othman Yeop Abdullah Graduate School of Business (OYAGSB) is committed to providing service that is friendly, helpful and responsive to the needs of students. OYAGSB makes it its business to ensure that students’ time at UUM in general and OYAGSB in particular is as pleasant and productive as possible.

OYAGSB endeavours to treat everyone with respect, and so, from time to time OYAGSB organizes activities that could add value to its academic programmes in which their students are enrolled into.
One such activity is engaging with students through Town Hall meetings. On 15 June 2019, a Town Hall meeting was held at OYAGSB Kuala Lumpur.

Among those who attended the meeting were MBA and DBA students, the Directors of Programmes, the Academic Director of OYAGSB Kuala Lumpur and Head of Administration at OYAGSB.

The Town Hall meeting, an annual activity held at campuses namely Sintok and Kuala Lumpur acts as a platform for OYAGSB students and staffs (academic and administration) to meet and discuss the way forward to addressing related issues and exchange ideas on improving academic as well as non-academic matters.

During the recent Town Hall meeting, students of OYAGSB Kuala Lumpur were reminded to express their concerns or any grievances through the right channel. This is because OYAGSB gives their highest commitment in ensuring customers’ (students) satisfaction and improving their service.

At the Town Hall meeting, issues raised by the students were on modular teaching, MBA project paper and CMI.

OYAGSB is always trying its best to maintain good relationships with the existing students and the public, thus making them feel right at home and as part of the UUM big family is the priority of OYAGSB.

On 16 June 2019, OYAGSB took the initiative to organise its Open Day 2019 at OYAGSB Kuala Lumpur to encourage potential customers (students) to enrol to their various study programmes.

Such an event is necessary as it doubles as a platform to introduce the programmes offered by OYAGSB, thus attract more potential students to continue their studies at UUM and also provides space for the public to further interact and gather information related to OYAGSB.

Hence, by doing so, it would greatly improve the level of understanding of potential students on the MBA and DBA programmes offered by OYAGSB as well as on other postgraduate programmes such as PhD. and DMgt.

At the OYAGSB Kuala Lumpur Open Day 2019 guests mingled with staffs and existing students in a friendly atmosphere. Dr Francis Chuah, the Director of the MBA programme and Prof Dr Nor Azila Mohd Noor, the Director of the DBA programme spent time with the guests sharing information about the various programmes offered.

Guests who participated in the programme had the opportunity to preview the programmes and they expressed their keen interest in getting to know OYAGSB and UUM closer. These potential students also looked forward to exploring the opportunities to study at OYAGSB.

The Open Day successfully strengthened the relationship between existing students and OYAGSB staffs. Consultation counters were up and running throughout the event to assist existing students’ with their queries as well as to help potential students’ on obtaining information and getting further explanation on matters related to the academic programmes, admission, visa application and enquiries on financial assistance.

A similar Open Day programme is scheduled to be held at OYAGSB Sintok campus on 7 July 2019. The activities forementioned were initiated by the Student Experience and Customer Care Unit of OYAGSB, a unit committed in developing new ways of enhancing the customers (students) experience at OYAGSB.

OYAGSB emphasizes on the students’ learning experience and student’s journey.

For members of staff at OYAGSB, it is not just about the scrolls the students receive during the convocation but more about the new people that they meet along the way, the activities that they participate in and the lives that they touch.

All these will indeed enrich the students’ learning experience and will leave them with fond memories.