UUM ONLINE: Setting up businesses can be a daunting task.  It is especially so for those who are in need of funding even if it is just to start a small business. While it is important to obtain funding, support and encouragement are also key features for the establishment of small businesses especially for entrepreneurs in rural areas with a small target group of customers.

In order to have a better understanding of the challenges faced by small entrepreneurs, five OYAGSB students decided to spend time with a micro-business owner, Mdm. Mazliana on March 7.  As part of their corporate social responsibility towards the community, these students shared key aspects of entrepreneurship, which include the strategies of growing and maintaining a business.

Throughout their time with Mdm. Mazliana, they also shared various entrepreneurial insights. Amongst them were ideas on how to operate an effective micro business for her daily business operation and details of the types of assistance made available for small  businesses by the Malaysian government through the related ministries and agencies. Moreover, the team also demonstrated the ways of doing proper bookkeeping, steps to register the business with the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM) as well as ideas on how to grow the business to a bigger scale e.g. catering service to corporate offices and online presence.

One of the students who took part in this project is also an officer at Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL), urged Mdm. Mazliana to get herself the typhoid injection.  “As a food-service provider, you must get your typhoid shot as it is compulsory for all food-service providers,” said Mr. Mohd. Izeham Abd Rhani.

With the current outbreak of the deadly coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the Malaysian government has since issued the Movement Control Order (MCO).  As such, the situation will surely hit her business hard, like so many others. The team members expressed hopes that Mdm. Mazliana will apply all the dos and don’ts they shared with her to help her cope with the current situation in order to keep her business running in healthy and safe condition.

For the record, Mdm. Mazliana runs a business of selling nasi lemak. Her stall is located near Institut Kemahiran Tinggi Belia Negara (IKTBN) in Dusun Tua, Hulu Langat, Selangor. This corporate social responsibility or CSR project is part of the assignment student of the Business Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Sustainability course in the Master of Business Administration (MBA) Programme by coursework need to complete. Besides Mr. Mohd. Izeham Abd Rhani, Mdm. Norazliana Aziz, Mr. Bernard Chew Ming Zhao, Mr. Mohd Syarol Azuan Zakaria, and Mdm. Shasikala Vadivalu were also involved in this community-based project.