Postgraduate Research Enhancement Series: Theoretical Framework and Conceptual Framework – Differences And Usefulness

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UUM ONLINE:Participants connected through WebEx and Facebook to attend the OYAGSB Postgraduate Research Enhancement Series talk on ‘Theoretical Framework and Conceptual Framework – Differences And Usefulness’  by OYAGSB’s Associate Prof. Dr. Ahmed Rageh Ismail.

Associate Professor Dr. Ahmed Rageh Ismail is an Associate Professor of Marketing and Management at the Othman Yeop Abdullah Graduate of Business, Universiti Utara Malaysia. He started him academic career in 2002 where he worked as a teaching assistant at the school of hospitality management in Cairo University. He received his PhD in management studies (marketing) from the Brunel Business School (BBS)-  Brunel University – West London – United Kingdom in 2010. His main research and teaching interests fall into areas such as branding, sustainability, cross-cultural marketing, consumer behavior, value and ethics. He has published in the Qualitative Marketing Research: An International Journal, Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management, Asia-Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics, Young Consumers amongst others.

The talk was moderated by the Director of PhD & D.Mgmt Programme OYAGSB, Associate Professor Dr Zaleha Othman.

A link to the recorded talk is now available on OYAGSB Facebook. For on-demand viewing, please go to