OYAGSB Doctoral Symposium - one-day event aimed at developing and mentoring Doctoral students

The OYAGSB Doctoral Symposium is a one-day event aimed at developing and mentoring Doctoral students, providing a platform for students to receive in-depth feedback on their ongoing research from academics in their field of study. Today’s symposium is the second instalment for 2023 of the OYAGSB Doctoral Symposium involving participation by six postgraduate students and eight panellist from various related fields and various schools within the university. 

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Welcoming the presenters, reviewers and attendees, Prof. Dr. Zaleha Othman thanked them for their participation and in making this event a possible. The significant of the symposium is for both reviewers and participants to discuss, reflect on, and further develop submitted papers or research ideas in an informal setting. Reviewers were reminded that their purpose is to share their knowledge and guide students. She called upon the students to take the opportunity to discuss with the reviewers their work i.e. theoretical and methodological, for further improvement. ‘This is a platform that you can use to engage with faculty members to test your research idea at the early stage of your study so use this platform to have this intellectual interactions’, she said.

This session also sees for the first time two presenters from Master of Science program who  are working towards Doctoral of Management participating in the event.

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Prof. Ts. Dr. Norazah Binti Mohd Suki, Deputy Dean of Research, Innovation & Knowledge Transfer for OYAGSB in her closing reminded the importance of the symposium to introduce participants to a variety of perspectives that can help strengthening and shaping their work as they progress towards their doctoral degree.

It is hoped that this event has helped students make good informed decisions about their research and ultimately help them achieve their academic goal.