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Dean's Message

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you, on behalf of our academic, administrative and professional staff, to the Othman Yeop Abdullah Graduate School of Business in the Universiti Utara Malaysia. It is an honour for us to be members of a leading Malaysian Graduate Business School, at UUM – the Eminent Management University.

Our mission, as an advanced Graduate School, is to educate socially responsible managers for a modern, rapidly changing economy. We are committed to ensuring the success of all our learners; both those who are experienced and showing a high level of brilliance and those who have great potential, but who may simply learn differently. Through our teaching, research, promotion of advanced management practice and community service, we seek to promote socially responsible behaviour and professional excellence which serve the country, the wider region and global society. We are committed to promoting excellence and widening participation, offering every candidate the opportunity to fairly compete for a place on our programmes, which have been accredited by the Association of MBAs (AMBA)Association of Advanced Colleges and Schools of Business (AACSB), and Alliance for Business Education and Scholarship for Tomorrow (ABEST21). These highly coveted international accreditations ensure that the School adheres to the highest educational and professional standards and meets the strict accreditation criteria.

We could not have got this far without our great staff. They hail from across Malaysia and overseas; and have devoted their respective careers to the advancement of business education and/or business practice. Our academic staff are leaders in the country and South East Asia, conducting socially relevant research and enhancing professional practice. We have established the Institute for Leadership, Innovation and Change (i-LEAD4CHANGE) to catalyse our research, supporting both business and economic development in the country and wider Region; while our staff participate in a number of other research Centres and Institutes across the University, such as the Cooperative and Entrepreneurial Development Institute – CEDI; Centre for Testing, Measuring and Appraisal – CeTMA; ASEAN Research Institute in Banking and Finance – ARIBF; Northern Corridor Research Centre – NCRC, to name but a few. We study the burning issues in accountancy, finance, strategic management, human resources, organisational behaviour and psychology, leadership, public policy, and so on. We edit an in-house journal that aims at raising academic graduates’ ambitions, especially doctoral students and supporting their first publication attempts (Global Business Management Review - GBMR).

This vibrant and ambitious environment was the reason why I have joined OYA and serve as its Dean, after over two decades in British academia. Every day is different, every moment is exciting. I hope that this same environment will motivate you to join OYA and study and/or carry out research with us. Sintok is a modern campus in the midst of lush green forest, on the Northern Border of Malaysia, where the richness of cultures can be experienced first-hand, daily. However, if you prefer the vibrant hub of magnificent Kuala Lumpur, you are welcome to join OYA at UUMKL, our campus in the Capital. We are members of all the leading academic and professional organisations in Malaysia, Asia and globally; and have established working relationships with a number of leading business schools internationally. Look at our joint efforts with the Cambridge Judge Business School, Kellogg School of Management, and Eli Broad College of Business at Michigan State University, just to name but a few. Our network of regional and international partners ensures that our students are exposed to international experience and global views, equipping them to operate in a multinational arena with ease.

OYA is a signatory of the UN Principles of Responsible Management Education (PRME) and acts as its South Asian Secretariat. We are highly committed to the environment and sustainability, where each and every one of us, every day, in our own way, has the opportunity to contribute to the common good. Modern economy is a knowledge-based and shared economy – where education is probably even more important. OYA is not only a place of classical learning, but also a forum for the exchange of new ideas, where national and international academics, business people and policy makers meet students to discuss with them current professional and societal issues, engaging in the dialogue of equals. The knowledge and skills that our learners acquire will equip them, not only in their current profession and position, but also remain with them forever, allowing them horizontal and vertical professional mobility.

In times of unprecedented economic growth, inequality is, curiously, on the increase. If you strongly believe in a business that supports societal development, where personal ambitions meet societal needs – OYA is the right place for you. You will not only enjoy your time with us, but you will also join the influential community of our alumni, and friends that have helped us to be where we are now – one of the leading Graduate Schools in Malaysia – one of just two with both AMBA and AACSB accreditations.

Come and join us on our common journey to build better business practices; have more responsible managers, socially responsible entrepreneurs, and to ultimately build a stronger, fairer and sustainable society. I am looking forward to meeting you in the near future and to personally welcoming you into one of our degree programmes; and/or corporate, executive and professional courses.

Experience a unique place of advanced learning, where theory meets practice, and practice enhances the theory; where Malaysia meets the World and the World experiences Malaysia.

Selamat Datang!

Zeljko (‘Z’) Sevic, SJD, PhD(FinEcon), FAIA, FHEA, FCMI, CFE, FRSA
Professor of Accounting, Finance and Public Policy

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