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Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

Our DBA programme brings together future leaders in the public or private sectors to gain new knowledge, sharpen their intellectual and managerial skills and reflect on their past professional and personal experience. It is a three-year programme that is specifically designed to provide a rich learning experience for professionals who aspire to pursue a terminal academic qualification which is highly professionally geared and relevant. Students will have the opportunity not only to contribute to management theory but also they will be able to contribute to the advanced professional practice and development of professional knowledge.


Programme Structure

DBA programme offered by OYAGSB is a mixed-mode curriculum which educate doctoral student via the use of business case studies, simulation, lectures, research, consultation project and consist of business related area of dissertation. Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) is offered by coursework and dissertation with 82 credit hours which comprises the following:

18  credit hours in business field courses;

Course Code      Course                                                          Credit Hour

        BDHS8013    Seminar in Leadership and Change Management 3
        BDAK8043     Seminar in Accounting and Finance 3
        BDMM8053    Seminar in Global Marketing and Innovation Strategy 3
        BDMP8013     Seminar in Global Corporate Strategy 3
        BDMF8023    Seminar in Global Economy 3
        BDMX8023     Business Consultation 3
      Total  18

15 credit hours in research method courses;

Course Code      Course                                                           Credit Hour

       BDMR8063           Applied Business Research                                          3
       BDMR8073           Quantitative Research for Business                                         3 
       BDMR8083           Qualitative Research for Business                                         3
       BDMI8023           Seminar in Dissertation Development   3  
       BDMZ8013           Business Research Writing   3  
            Total                                         15



BDMZ89949 Dissertation (49 credit hours)



     Contact: Dr Arfan Shahzad
     Phone: +6016 623 9057 
     Email: arfan@uum.edu.my 


Entry Requirements

  1. A  master’s  degree  from  Universiti  Utara  Malaysia  or  any  other  institutions  of  higher  learning  recognised  by  the  University  or  any  other  equivalent  qualifications  recognised  by  the  University;
  2. Have  a  minimum  of  five  (5)  years  of  work  experience  relevant  to the  chosen  area  of  specialisation;  and
  3. Fulfilthe  English  language  requirement. OR
  4. Senior  Managers  with  a  bachelor’s  degree  from  any  institutions  of  higher  learning  recognised  by  the  University  with  at  least  ten  (10)  years  of  relevant  work  experience  and  passed  the  Accreditation  of  Prior  Experiential  Learning  (APEL)  (Level  8).

Financial Requirement

  1. For sponsored applicant : Letter of Undertaking
  2. For self sponsored :
    1. ASEAN countries: Minimum balance of USD2,500.00 in own account
    2. Non ASEAN countries : Minimum balance of USD5,000.00 in own account

If you need help or more information during the application process, please feel free to contact us via phone or email. (+604-928 7111/7120/7121 or oyagsb@uum.edu.my)

All International postgraduate students should meet any one of the following English Language requirements set by the University before they are accepted for admission.All International postgraduate students should meet any one of the following English Language requirements set by the University before they are accepted for admission.

For direct admission, International Postgraduate Students must have obtained one of the following: 

  1. TOEFL Score of 550 and above in the Paper Based Test
  2. IELTS of Band 6.0 and above
  3. MUET of Band 4.0 and above
  4. Cambridge English Advanced Test score of 169 and above
  5. Pearson Test of English Academic score of 50 and above

Exemption for meeting the above English Language requirement are given to candidates with any of the following qualifications: 

  1. Obtain a degree from any institutions with English language Education System
  2. Obtain a degree from any Public University in Malaysia with English as a language of instruction
  3. Obtain a degree from any Private University or College University in Malaysia that are listed in Malaysian Qualifications Register (MQR)

Students who do not meet any of the above English language requirement will not be allowed to register for courses or continue with their programme of study. They may attend the Intensive Language Course for International Students that will prepare and assist them for their MUET examination.

Intensive English Language Course for International Students

  1. The Intensive English Language Course for International Students is a course designed especially for international candidates who have not demonstrated an acceptable level of English language proficiency upon entrance into the University.
  2. Students who do not fulfil the English Language requirement within the duration of the validity of their student visa, which is for one (1) year will cause the offer to be withdrawn and be terminated from the university.

Each application should enclose proof of payment of processing fee :

MYR100.00 (for local applicant); OR
MYR125.00 @ USD35.00* (for applicant from ASEAN Country); OR
MYR175.00 @ USD50.00* (for applicant from Non ASEAN Country).

*Payment in USD is only applicable for payment made from outside Malaysia

Payment can be made by the following methods :

  1. At UUM payment counter; OR
  2. Online payment in favour of Universiti Utara Malaysia
    at https://e-com.uum.edu.my/ OR
  3. At any Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad (BIMB) branch. Specify payee code 340 in the column “Pay For” on the Bill Payment Slip; OR
  4. Through Telegraph Transfer for payment from outside Malaysia :

    Universiti Utara Malaysia

    Bank Name
    Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad

    Account Number
    0209 - 3010 - 0000 - 10

    Bank Branch / Address
    Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad (BIMB)
    UUM Branch,
    Universiti Utara Malaysia
    06010 Sintok, Kedah

    Swift Code

    Bank Tel. No.
    04 - 928 2650 / 2651 / 2652

Fee Structure

1. Coursework: 33 credit hours X RM 900 = RM29, 700
2. Dissertation = RM 4, 800 per semester. Students are required to pay this amount each semester in the duration of his/her dissertation
3. Non-Recurring fee (Registration) : RM 550.00
4. Recurring Fee (Service charges) : RM 150.00 / semester


Click here for further information.

The cost of higher education is increasing, either due to inflation or other economic factors. As such, with the increasing cost of education and the demand of higher education, education scholarships and study loans becomes an essential.

For Local Students

  1. MyBRAIN15 (MyPh.D/ MyMASTER/ Ph.D Industry) under the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia (MOHE). 
  2. National Science Fellowship (NSF) under the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation Malaysia (MOSTI).
  3. PTPTN under Perbadanan Tabung Pendidikan Tinggi Nasional, Malaysia. 

For International Students

  1. Malaysia International Scholarship under the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE), Malaysia.
  2. Commonwealth Scholarship And Fellowship Plan (CSFP) Tenable In Malaysia under the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) Malaysia, for students from the Commonwealth Countries. 

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Local Students

Estimated Total Cost form DBA Program (Part-Time)

210729a DBA L PT

Estimated Total Cost form DBA Program (Full-Time)

210415 DBA L FT

* for UUM Kuala Lumpur, the difference only on the service dee thatis RM150/every trimester

International Students

210415 DBA

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