Our Corporate Executive Education Development (CEED) is designed to meet the needs of (senior) management and executives for new skills and knowledge to help them adapt, meet challenges, and build personal an organisational capacity in response to a business environment that is increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous. Our programmes are also developed to enable and enhance learners’ capacity to manage organisations (or oneself) effectively so that they can deliver beyond organisational and societal expectations. It is also our strong belief that a continuous learning process where learners constantly unlearn, learn, and relearn contemporary management/business approaches and methods is crucial to both business and personal success.  And this is where we come in, to assist.

  • To launch innovative programmes, which add value to learners and their organisation and the learning outcomes that can be immediately put to use
  • To build a lifelong mutually benefiting relationship with learners
  • To ensure the best possible return to learners and organisations using innovative FACE model
    • Faculty competence
    • Ambiance and facilities
    • Curriculum relevance
    • Experiential learning