Career Advisory Services Unit plays an integral role in supporting the OYAGSB’s mission to produce graduates with strong employability skills, who are career-ready, and highly sought-after by the Industry.

Career Advisory help students in enhancing their own employability, using a three-pronged approach: by firstly helping them to discover their career interests and strengths; secondly, preparing them with the right tools and know-how, and finally, connecting them to their employers of choice.

At OYAGSB, we care about what your future career. A dedicated office, Career Advisory Services Unit, is specifically established to help you with your career growth and progression. We will also connect you to our panel of industry experts, who consists of our advisory panel and associate faculty who would be more than happy to assist you in giving career advice.

Career Workshops

We offer hands-on workshops so that you can develop your skills in these areas:

  • conducting job searches
  • As our students, you can enjoy more job searches by logging in to the EFMD career portal.
  • preparing professional résumés, both on-paper and online
  • presenting yourselves at your very best in interviews

Career Information/Fairs

Visit career fairs around the country for more job opportunities.

We have collaborated with EFMD Global Network to offer you your very own GetHighered Platform, connecting you with global opportunities. You can login to your personal platform to find internship, graduate and full-time jobs that are relevant to you from companies around the world.

You can also complete a complimentary online assessment focused on work-related behavior, numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, and motivation. The tests are delivered by cut-e, the world leader in online assessment and are only for your personal assessment.

Masterclass Series with various topics can help you to take your career for the next chapter, take part of it and ask questions to learn and improve.

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Alternatively, you can sign up here by filling up this form: Career Advisory Form

Contact Us

For more information about our services, please contact us.

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Dr Maryam Abolghasemi
Director of Career Advisory Services