The Alumni and Corporate Relations Unit (ACRU) is responsible for providing a dedicated service to OYAGSB’s external stakeholders, both alumni and corporate institutions. The role of ACRU is predominantly about communication and creating awareness of the activities that we plan. The unit aims to be a platform where OYAGSB and the industry could collaborate in knowledge sharing activities and for community engagement. Our role is to create a systematic way for the alumni to stay connected with each other and for the alumni to provide advisory services and share their expertise to their alma mater. We also aim to provide an avenue for our existing students to get career advice from their seniors @ the alumni and also for future internship and employment opportunities.

The objectives of ACRU are as follow:

  • To stay in touch and support alumni needs, promoting the relationships within alumni, with alumni and existing students and between alumni and the school.
  • To establish vital links with companies, actively promoting partnerships, recruitment and executive education solutions and all types of interactions between OYAGSB and the corporate world.

Upon graduation, you will be joining a growing body of OYAGSB alumni of 8,000 from within and outside Malaysia.

To ensure that we continue to serve you better, please update your status here. Those who have done so, we appreciate your kind assistance and cooperation.

Giving Back

We welcome contributions in cash or kind.  If you would like to share experience and expertise and would like to be a guest speaker in one of our programmes, you are highly welcomed to do so. We also highly appreciate financial assistance to help us make OYAGSB a more conducive place for teaching and learning. Please contact us to discuss further. We would like to thank you in advance for all your efforts to give back.




Contact Us

For more information about our alumni unit, please contact us:

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Dr. Gunalan Nadarajah
Director of Alumni and Corporate Relations